About My Work

I have exstensive experience as an Intimacy Guide and Sacred Intimate

I truly believe that the more we unleash, embrace, and sit in our full sexual power, the more that power resonates through the rest of our lives.  My unique style of services encompasses many facets of the human condition.  My work incorporates embodied empathy, intimate touch, BDSM, altered states of consciousness and spirituality to guide you on a journey of sexual awakening.

This work is primarily based on the Somatica® Sex and Intimacy Method, an experiential and somatic approach to sexuality. The theory behind this method is that sexual energy manifests in your body, not in your mind, so working through sexual blocks should be approached through hands-on support.

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In the Somatica® Method, clients are engaged in real-time interactions while receiving support, guidance, and feedback so that they can have fulfilling and connected sex and relationships.  As a lifelong student, I am constantly learning, progressing through various curriculums, and expanding my own perceptions on sexuality, intimacy and how we connect in this world. I show up with curiosity for all that this work and life has to offer.

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A few of my qualifications for this work are:

My Story

I'm Andre Lazarus and I'm a Somatic Intimacy Guide.

I’ve felt connected to my sexual energy all my life, but I didn’t always understand my full sexual power.

Growing up, I experienced sex differently from my friends, community, and the societal messaging that teaches us there are set rules and restrictions to sex, intimacy, and relationships.

At 18 years old, I had the unfortunate journey of my first sexual experience being traumatic. I was raped.  Little did I know how impactful that trauma would shape my life and the person I would become in this world for the better.


I’ve always felt called to healing work; serving others is my passion.  My next adventure would bring me to serve my country as a Marine Corps Officer, deploying to war.  During my service, I married my first true love, but realized monogamy was something expected by society and not my heart. After our divorce, I felt like a failure as a husband but could feel a big shift growing inside of me. It was after this life-changing moment that I started my new chapter in San Francisco and built a new life with my current partner of 10+ years.

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With her support, I learned that I had a powerful gift to connect with people in a sexual space, helping to open-up sexual desires, removing shame around sexual exploration, and healing old wounds around abuse and sexual trauma. Through this transformative work I began to step into my full sexual power, which was more freeing than I could have ever imagined. I came out as multisexual.  While it took me many years to realize my sexuality, the moment I did, I was able to fully embrace my power. 

These days, I am empowered to bring my passion for sex and journey of self-discovery and transformation to your highest growth. This calling allows me to show up in service to your process and to guide you on your own journey of sexual embodiment. I am someone who loves connecting with sexual energy, other beings and love itself. To me, deep intimacy is the path to awakening our most powerful Self, and I’m excited to show you how to tap into this well of infinite energy!

Let's Come Closer.

With Love,
Andre Lazarus